"He Did A Phenomenal Job"

I met Gesiel on LinkedIn, he sent me a message, I called him, he answered right away, he brought the whole crew here to finish within 3 to 4 days when I thought it was going to be 2 weeks.

He did a phenomenal job, and it's been absolutely clean, attention to detail. He even face timed me yesterday to show me when he finished the job.

It's been nothing but a great experience, and now he is my new best friend.

recommend him to anybody to at least get a quote from him, let him come in, let him give you an assessment, I think his crew is very professional, and they do a great job.

Mr. David
900 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL


It's Been Nothing But A Great Experience, And Now He Is My New Best Friend.

I Think His Crew Is Very Professional, And They Do A Great Job.

"I Definitely Recommend"

How was your experience?

A very good experience. Very meticulous work, very detailed, the lines are so straight, I've never seen lines like this, and I've seen a lot of grout jobs. It seems like the floor was super, they leveled it out, they put a nice grout on it, and it's really straight, straight through the house.

The baseboard came out fantastic, and it's seamless. You can't even see any of the seams, and they're very fine and real tight. It's really clean work they did. You guys cleaned the area up real nice, outside everything where you were cutting, everything came out really well. Me and my wife, we're saying it's fine, it's really nice. Everyone who comes over, sees it, and it's like, everything looks really nice.

what do you have to say about the bathroom?

The bathroom is beautiful. Where all those detailed cuts and seams are so seamless, seamless design of how it falls straight through, just looks wonderful. It brightened everything up, and the way that everything is level, and all the lines look real nice, and it just really came out nice.

Do you recommend us?

I definitely recommend [you guys]. They come out and do a clean job, and they always make sure they do it right. I think they're definitely worth the investment.

Mr. Aaron
Jupiter, FL


Braga And Mr. Aaron

A Very Good Experience. Very Meticulous Work, Very Detailed

The Baseboard Came Out Fantastic, And It's Seamless.

Bathroom Finished

"They Just Did Phenomenal Work"

This is Mark, Lake Worth, Florida. I'm very picky about who I select to get jobs done, I did a lot of research, and I chose [them], and I'm very glad that I did.

They brought a huge crew, and they knocked down the entire floor of the bottom part of my house in four working days.

They just did phenomenal work, and I highly recommend using them. Excellent job!

Mr. Mark
Lake Worth, FL


Braga And Mr. Mark

I Chose [Them], And I'm Very Glad That I Did.

I Highly Recommend Using Them. Excellent Job!

"The Job Is Awesome"

I'm Cesar Ruiz, I've been in this building since 1998. I follow maintenance in this building for several years, and I can see the difference now.

This is the new remodeling, and these guys do the flooring job, the job is awesome, it's perfect, leveled, the organization, everything is very good.

I recommend them to everybody because they do an excellent job, clean, organized, fast. It's easy to recommend them, good guys, responsible.

Cesar Ruiz
Maintenance Guy
900 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL


Mr. Cesar And Gesiel

It's Perfect, Leveled, The Organization, Everything Is Very Good.

Braga And Mr. Cesar

They Do An Excellent Job, Clean, Organized, Fast. It's Easy To Recommend Them

"I Would Recommend This Company Anytime To Anybody"

I think they are doing a great job. It's about 98% completed, and the meticulous, the ability and the skillfulness of this man are so good that I would recommend this company anytime to anybody.

They give a good price, They give a good product, They give skillful people, and they very honest and clean.

If you want to use them, it's up to you, but this is one of the best. You don't get better than that, that's it, use them because they're good. You can see, I love it.

Mr. Alex
Coral Springs, FL


Braga And Mr. Alex

The Meticulous, The Ability And The Skillfulness Of This Man Are So Good

Job Done

They Give A Good Price, They Give A Good Product, They Give Skillful People, And They Very Honest And Clean.